Ripples - a 4k game

Playing Ripples...psychedelic, isn't it...?

Ripples is an entry for the Java 4K 2006 Games competition. It's a psychedelic shoot 'em up with simple rules: Use the mouse to move, hold any mouse button to fire. Destroy all enemies before they run into you. Shoot green enemies for extra health. Keep moving! The enemies will head towards you and they will move faster the slower you are moving. Whatever you do, avoid shooting yourself in the hurts!

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Tech notes: Nothing really fancy fits into a 4k jar file, but i haven't made many size optimizations yet, it may be possible to reduce this further. Well, and it can handle a lot of enemies. The current release is limited to 100 enemies at a time, but the game can handle 15000 enemies on screen as well. It's just not really playable that way...:-) - a 3d engine for Java