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blitting text and images

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I thought that it might be useful to make this thread sticky...

yes. that's because android does not have awt classes.

GlFont and TexturePack has Android versions. search for them in forum or Bones demo also has them


I am experimenting with this extremly helpful piece of code, but up until now I had only little luck.
1) I copied the classes GLFont and TexturePack from the first post
2) I solved the class dependency of java.awt by adding Project->Properties->Java Build Path->Add Library->JRE System library

But I am still getting two errors in the TexturePack:
the constructor jpct.Texture(BufferedImage(image), Boolean(useAlpha)) is undefined
the function com.threed.jpct.FrameBuffer.blit is not defined for parameters ...

I expect that this can have something to do with your information from the first post that you used the experimental jpct... but
1) That was 7 years ago
2) Your link for the experimental beta jpct doesn't work any more

So I am intrigued to know - is the "experimental" jpct version of blit and Texture now reachable somewhere else? or did you reprogrammed it for the classic jpct_ae? Or how can I solve this code now in 2016?


you cannot use desktop version for Android. there is a separate one for jPCT AE

Thanks a lot,

I just found myself that in the Android forum is a different version. As usually the problem was something trivial on my side.
Well, thanks a million time for the nice work, I will experiment with it and ask if I will need more help.



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