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How to create an Applet

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The BloomGLProcessor is meant to be executed in the rendering thread. In case of the AWTGLRenderer, this is the awt event dispatch thread. To ensure this, you can put it into the finishedPainting()-method of the IPaintListener. However, this will not work with the way in which you create the scene...I'm not sure how to solve this ATM. The thing is, that all the draw()-commands are writing into a command buffer when using the AWTGLRenderer, and not executed directly but during the next repaint.
The easiest way might be to use the GLRenderer in the applet instead. That is possible somehow IIRC. Maybe the LWJGL-site has more information (but make sure to look for stuff about LWJGL 2.x, not 3.x).

Ok, I see...
Well I will disable the bloom effect in my applet for now, not a big deal.

What about the specular light not showing ? Any idea ?

Thanks, cheers !


--- Quote from: atreyu64 on August 11, 2015, 03:33:09 pm ---What about the specular light not showing ? Any idea ?

--- End quote ---
No, actually I don't. It should work. Can you create a test case that shows this problem? Non-applet version prefered, if possible...


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