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blitting text and images

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I think so. I've noticed that too on my applications just to a smaller amount. Dalvik might do some caching or similar. However, 30 fps is a pretty good result. If they enable this new JIT in addition, maybe 50-60 fps will be possible... ;D

capture of some speech bubbles on emulator.
texts are blitted with GLFont, bubble images are blitted with TexturePack:

blitting really hurts performace at least on emulator, dont know why ???

Which version of AE is this? The latest?

latest i suppose (1.21). i downloaded yesterday

Yes, that should be the latest then. I was asking, because i already improved blitting performance. I assume that each character is a single, transparent and maybe scaled blit? Is there an apk to try this on actual hardware? The emulator isn't a fillrate wonder.
However, i can see one or two additional optimizations...i'll give them a try either tomorrow or next week.


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