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Alpha version of Benchmark, was: GUI example anyone?

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Looks like it. I'll try that later. For now, my Broadcast-stuff works fine. Here's an early alpha of the runs once and exits after displaying the results. I would be interested in some results:

Hi, Here are some results, ps : If you have new version of JPCT I would like to try them because Tuesday we have to
give our application to our teacher, it's the dead line. :P

I'll publish what we have done, in the forum at the same time, but I'm too busy at moment to deliver a stable version.

Nexus one : Froyo 2.2 Results :  (1st test)

Fillrate ST/MT : 10.05/9.14 Megapixel/sec
High object count: 18.24 fps
Multiple lights: 45.05 fps
High polygon count: 22.60 fps

(I really like the high poly and multiple light test ;) )

(2nd test)
Fillrate ST/MT : 10.11/9.11 Megapixel/sec
High object count: 17.94 fps
Multiple lights: 45.37 fps
High polygon count: 22.43 fps

Results are pretty stable

Motorola Milestone stock- Android 2.1:

Fillrate ST/MT : 9.18/8.37 Megapixel/sec
High object count: 13.92 fps
Multiple lights: 39.98 fps
High polygon count: 14.91 fps

Something to laugh at:

Samsung Galaxy i7500, Android 1.5:

Fillrate ST/MT : 7.97/7.47 Megapixel/sec (fluctuates, sometimes its down to 4.5...)
High object count: 7.88 fps
Multiple lights: 24.19 fps
High polygon count: 4.68 fps

Restarted the Phone:

Fillrate ST/MT : 10.67/9.86 Megapixel/sec
High object count: 15.45 fps
Multiple lights: 41.65 fps
High polygon count: 15.16 fps

Then exited most applications running:

Fillrate ST/MT : 10.77/10.39 Megapixel/sec
High object count: 15.61 fps
Multiple lights: 41.80 fps
High polygon count: 15.40 fps


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