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As mentioned in the "new version" thread, i've started working on a kind of racing game, Alien Runner is the working title.

This is the first working version with placeholder objects, random level setups and a lot of glitches.

This is the current state:

Jumping over wood...

Passing the gates...

It has some less glitches, some optical enhancements like better lighting, blob shadows and particles as well as a basic level loader (but no real levels yet...).

Most of the actual level elements are in place now. I've added collectable items (little diamonds) and water pool that slows you down. Controls have improved too.

Water pool in the distance and collecting a diamond

Destroying a wall by bumping into it multiple times

Collecting again...

looks very nice ;) how do you make the shiny effect of diamonds and wall particles ? they are not actual 3d particles i suppose..

The glow is a textured plane with a white spot texture with alpha (BTW: beware of the the default conversion to 16bit that AE applies to textures. It somehow has a problem with alpha channels...i have to look into that) located in the middle of the diamond. The rubble is just a simple particle effect with particles using a rubble texture.


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