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when does this 16 bit conversion occur ? when creating the texture or loading the image from resource ? i tend to load images with oldy class.getResourceAsStream(..) method as it's the most portable way

so all the rubble pieces are different planes ?

When uploading the texture to the GPU, i.e. at the latest possible stage. The rubble pieces are simple textured, billboarded triangles that act like as if they were emitted by a fountain...just like the stars in Robombs when you collect an item.

The alpha/16bit-issue is fixed now. I've uploaded a new jar of AE.

Added some stuff like score- and time counter, multi colored crystals, achievements...the only major thing that's still missing is a virtual opponent (like a ghost car in some racnig games).

Right now, i'm working to get a good "flow", i.e. to make the racing fun...not too easy and not too difficult, let a slow down feel just right, limit the jumps...that kind of stuff. The method that does the player's physics already looks pretty terrible... ;)

The "ghost player" has been added in its basic form and some level decorations are in. Due to the latest improvements to the engine's core and some optimizations in the game's code itself, it isn't any slower than before.

Oh, and the sky now has soft scrolling instead of being static.


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