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Freddy Budgett!

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My game, "Freddy Budgett!" Made with jPCT-AE and jBullet.
The goal is to eat the bird at the end of the levels. This is the first release, with 35 levels. Use the accelerometer to control the frog (tilting the device), and touch screen to open doors (get the key and touch the door with same color).
Need android 2.1 or newer.

Available for free at Android Market, com.fsilva.marcelo.freddybudgett

Marcelo Silva - RJ - Brazil

looks very nice ;D running fine on Nexus One. making fullscreen may improve game feeling.

I need a new phone...

I've added it to the projects page.

Great! ;D Thanks for the projects page!
And thanks for the comments, it`s fullscreen now.


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