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What is the best way to create multiple AnimatedGroup from the same model


Hi raft,

In my android game, i create multi AnimatedGroup from the same model and let all of them  animate continuously  at the same time. The problem is your slerp() function create so many Quaternion object in runtime, thus my game is slow down. Can you tell me how to reduce the number of Quaternion object or whatever to speed up my game?

I create AnimatedGroups at the same way with your bones example.

thank you so much.


AnimatedGroup.clone(false) is the best way to create many groups that are animated separately. This way, they share all animation data to reduce memory. with false argument they dont share mesh so they can be animated separately.

I'm at holiday and out of city now, I will look at slerp() next week.

done. Quaternion.slerp(..) does not create a new Quaternion anymore. please re-download

Thank you so much!

Bones works very well. There is no Quaternion object in runtime! :o
This Bone's version  has many different thing against the old version (ver 2), so can you tell me what features are added or upgraded?

no major changes. mostly bug fixes and small improvements. see history


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