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JAW-file format specifications


Where can I found some references about the jaw-file format?
Idem for ASC.

Good should think that it's easy to find some specifications at least for ASC, because it is a quite popular format (It's an ASCII export format of older versions of 3DStudio). But i have to admit, that i couldn't find any...the thing is that ASC is easy to understand by looking at an ASC-file in a text editor. jPCT's ASC loader doesn't use all the information an ASC-file offers. What's used is the vertex list (x,y,z and u and v if given) and the face list. A single file may contain a number of vertex and face lists. That's all...should be quite simple to understand by studying such a file.
I included an example file in an archive here:

JAW is an outdated format of a discontinued engine that i'm using for historical reasons. It's basically a stripped down version of ASC which contains only one large vertex- and face list. It's still supported, because i own some simple JAW-objects myself that i would like to use and it may be handy as a quick-and-dirty format that your own applications may write.

I know that this is not very satisfying...some more advanced loaders for other formats would be nice, but i'm currently doing other things with the engine. (To be honest, i'm still waiting for someone to write them for me, because i don't have fun writing loaders... :lol: ...just kidding...but it would be nice though).

Finally, i decided to add support for the 3DS format to the next beta. I already have an alpha version of the loader running and it's working quite well so far.

0.83 beta 2 is out, the 3DS loader is in.


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