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Issue with conversion to .bones

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hi raft,

I am back   :D again.  I got a recent set of deliverables from my artist.  When I tried to convert the .xml files .bones, i got the following exception.  Any idea what's going wrong?

--- Code: ---Jun 28, 2011 12:37:34 PM com.jmex.model.ogrexml.anim.SkeletonLoader loadSkeleton
WARNING: Rotation axis not normalized
Jun 28, 2011 12:37:35 PM com.jmex.model.ogrexml.anim.SkeletonLoader loadSkeleton
WARNING: Rotation axis not normalized
Jun 28, 2011 12:37:35 PM com.jmex.model.ogrexml.anim.SkeletonLoader loadSkeleton
WARNING: Rotation axis not normalized
Jun 28, 2011 12:37:35 PM com.jmex.model.ogrexml.anim.SkeletonLoader loadSkeleton
WARNING: Rotation axis not normalized
-- total 57 joint(s) --
0 name: Root, parent:
1 name: Pelvic, parent: 0:Root
2 name: hip, parent: 1:Pelvic
3 name: left_hip_joint, parent: 1:Pelvic
4 name: right_hip_joint, parent: 1:Pelvic
5 name: stomach, parent: 2:hip
6 name: left_knee_joint, parent: 3:left_hip_joint
7 name: right_knee_joint, parent: 4:right_hip_joint
8 name: spine, parent: 5:stomach
9 name: left_ankle_joint, parent: 6:left_knee_joint
10 name: right_ankle_joint, parent: 7:right_knee_joint
11 name: chest, parent: 8:spine
12 name: left_ball_joint, parent: 9:left_ankle_joint
13 name: right_ball_joint, parent: 10:right_ankle_joint
14 name: Clavicle, parent: 11:chest
15 name: left_toe_joint, parent: 12:left_ball_joint
16 name: right_toe_joint, parent: 13:right_ball_joint
17 name: neck, parent: 14:Clavicle
18 name: left_collar_joint, parent: 14:Clavicle
19 name: right_collar_joint, parent: 14:Clavicle
20 name: neck1, parent: 17:neck
21 name: left_shoulder_joint, parent: 18:left_collar_joint
22 name: right_shoulder_joint, parent: 19:right_collar_joint
23 name: neck2, parent: 20:neck1
24 name: left_elbow_joint, parent: 21:left_shoulder_joint
25 name: right_elbow_joint, parent: 22:right_shoulder_joint
26 name: head, parent: 23:neck2
27 name: left_wrist_joint, parent: 24:left_elbow_joint
28 name: right_wrist_joint, parent: 25:right_elbow_joint
29 name: head2, parent: 26:head
30 name: mouth, parent: 26:head
31 name: left_thumb_joint, parent: 27:left_wrist_joint
32 name: left_wrist1_joint, parent: 27:left_wrist_joint
33 name: right_thumb_joint, parent: 28:right_wrist_joint
34 name: right_wrist1_joint, parent: 28:right_wrist_joint
35 name: left_thumb1_joint, parent: 31:left_thumb_joint
36 name: left_index_joint, parent: 32:left_wrist1_joint
37 name: left_finger_joint, parent: 32:left_wrist1_joint
38 name: right_thumb1_joint, parent: 33:right_thumb_joint
39 name: right_index_joint, parent: 34:right_wrist1_joint
40 name: right_finger_joint, parent: 34:right_wrist1_joint
41 name: left_thumb2_joint, parent: 35:left_thumb1_joint
42 name: left_index1_joint, parent: 36:left_index_joint
43 name: left_finger1_joint, parent: 37:left_finger_joint
44 name: right_thumb2_joint, parent: 38:right_thumb1_joint
45 name: right_index1_joint, parent: 39:right_index_joint
46 name: right_finger1_joint, parent: 40:right_finger_joint
47 name: left_thumb3_joint, parent: 41:left_thumb2_joint
48 name: left_index2_joint, parent: 42:left_index1_joint
49 name: left_finger2_joint, parent: 43:left_finger1_joint
50 name: right_thumb3_joint, parent: 44:right_thumb2_joint
51 name: right_index2_joint, parent: 45:right_index1_joint
52 name: right_finger2_joint, parent: 46:right_finger1_joint
53 name: left_index3_joint, parent: 48:left_index2_joint
54 name: left_finger3_joint, parent: 49:left_finger2_joint
55 name: right_index3_joint, parent: 51:right_index2_joint
56 name: right_finger3_joint, parent: 52:right_finger2_joint
-- --
Skeleton created out of jME OGRE skeleton, 57 joints
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: length: 0
at raft.jpct.bones.MeshChannel.<init>(
at raft.jpct.bones.MeshChannel.<init>(
at raft.jpct.bones.BonesImporter.convertJMEMeshChannel(
at raft.jpct.bones.BonesImporter.importOgre(
at raft.jpct.bones.util.JMEOgreImporter.loadGroup(
at raft.jpct.bones.util.JMEOgreImporter.loadGroup(
at raft.jpct.bones.util.JMEOgreImporter.main(

--- End code ---

looking at the code, a MeshChannel is tried to be created out of zero PoseFrame's. in other words, an empty pose animation is exported by exporter.

thanks, raft  :).  I will ping my artist...

my artist has tried couple other things.  But still same problem is occurring.   :(
Only difference is that this time the exception is thrown after the skeletal-animation has been generated.  He said that he followed the following threads to do the correction; but no luck.

--- Code: ---

--- End code ---

I've mailed you the .mesh and .skeleton files.  Can you please have a look at them and let me know what is going wrong?  :-[

hi raft, we kinda solved the problem. :)
My artist was trying to use two different materials for the different portions of the same mesh and that was causing the exporter to generate an empty clip.  So we got around the problem by using same material for the entire mesh.

Thanks for the support  :D


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