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My Skeleton Helper

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Omg, I love you so much. You have no idea how much work this will save me!

raft, I am not sure. You can add this to bones if you like, and change, edit, remix it however you like.

I've updated the code to include a license. Don't worry, it's the MIT License, very permissive.

Carlos Mateo:
Hello , first of all thank you for your SkeletonHelper.

My question is, how can I use it for rotating a bone and its respective mesh manually. How can I access to that joint and rotate it.

Thanks in advance

I have been working with this and figured it out recently Carlos. You need to construct a SkeletonHelper object with the AnimatedGroup object of the model. Then you need to need to use one of the transform methods in the skeleton helper, possibly transformOnPivot, by providing a rotation matrix of the joint and the joint number. If you don't know the joint numbers you can load the model in the OgreSample (and possibly the procedural sample) and the console will output all the joints that it found.


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