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I've been working on a game for Android, using jPCT-AE, mainly inspired by Minecraft and Motherload.
It's a sandbox game with a side-view camera, with mining, crafting and exploration elements.
The controls are simple, as the crafting system and the inventory management, I wanted it to be fun and easy to play on mobile.
It already has a lot of stuff to players have some fun. ;)
LostMiner is my fourth game for android using jPCT-AE. I've worked before on "Freddy Budgett!", "SkyFrontier 3D" and "SkyFrontier 2"
Some screen shots:


It looks interesting, I look forward at beta version! :)

Thanks Thomas! ;)
The beta is almost done, but some small details always takes longer than I expected...
When I make some good progress i'll post!

I finally had a time to finish and upload LostMiner to Play Store! I edited the first message with the link!
Many thanks! For those who download the game, please consider rating it! :) Hope you all enjoy!

It looks very nice and polished...much attention to detail with all these little animations and the day-/night cycle and such. Well done! I'll put it on the projects page when I find the time.


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