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Overlay.setSourceCoordinates() has no effect

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Hello, I tried to get an overlay to show just a part of the source texture by using the method setSourceCoordinates(). Unfortunately, this method seems to have no effect at all, it just doesn't matter what parameters I use (while other methods like setNewCoordinates() work properly).

Ok, it's not a bug, but the documentation forgot to mention that I have to use the Overlay constructor with parameter modifyUV set to true :'( .

By the way, would be nice to use float values as source coordinates for better accuracy.

You are right in both cases. I'll update the docs and change the parameters to float for the next release. Do you need these floats now?

Thank you :)

--- Quote from: EgonOlsen on February 10, 2014, 09:17:53 pm ---Do you need these floats now?
--- End quote ---

Would be nice to get them as soon as possible.


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