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how outdated is galaxy s4?


So, I might be going to mobile as opposed to pc.  I would be able to tether my pc, but it's going to mean using small apps because of updating software.  Anyway, I'm looking at getting a galaxy s4 which is just barely affordable for me and wondering how well it works as it's a bit dated I guess.  Everything is so expensive.  My telephone carrier is forcing me onto a more expensive plan and I hate to waste the money since I mostly just read news, so I'm thinking of dropping the land line altogether and going to mobile.

It's fine. I'm still on a Nexus 4 and that thing is sometimes faster and sometimes slower than the S4. The S4 should have the faster CPU but is slower in some GPU benchmarks. But faster in others. Overall, it should be the more powerful device.

OK, good.  I need a prepaid, unlocked phone to get the lower rate.  As long as I can do a few 3d things with it, I don't really care that much.


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