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GW: Cloud


I began to participate in monthly game jams to finish my games and not end up with a bunch of dead code, i know this games are simple but they keep me moving  ;D.

I release a game for the mini ludum dare 60, hope you can play it.

This game is 2D, but that was for practice, my next project will be in 3D (thats was jpct was made for  8) ).

I will continue doing this kind of games and see what happens  ::)

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do!? I move around, I zap some robots, I reload my lightning strikes at the base...then it's game over!?

you have to destroy the enemy factories (the grey buildings), pass the cloud through the crystal to gain power then you can throw thunders , dont let the robots reach the crystal, and use the stones heads to defend yourself, just fire them from above.

the project page have been update with gameplay instructions. Fire the robot, fire the factories, protect your crystal/base ;D


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