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How to export the mesh and skeleton xml to bones file

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Carlos Mateo:
Hello I'm new using bones to export a model to my Android App with JPCT-AE.

I have read the tutorial and I have exported my model from Blender within the Ogre3D plugin, and I have obtained the mesh and skeleton file.

My problem is that I don't know how to export it to bones file. I don,t know where I can find the JMEOgreImporter and how to use it.

Thank you in advance.

there are scripts in the scripts folder, you can use them. which behind the scenes uses importer classes in raft.jpct.bones.util package.

by using desktop samples, for example OgreSample you can load directly Ogre3D model and inspect your model, skeleton and and animations.

Carlos Mateo:
Thank you, I got problem now is that I want to rotate a bone programmatically with its respective mesh. I have access to the skeleton of the animatedGroup3D and then to the respective joint, but it doesn't have an option to rotate it. How can I get it??

Thanks in advance

have a look at ProceduralAnimationSample. and also this thread

I have the same question.There are just a bones.jar,and how can I use it? Is there a example?please~


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