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the raving dead


Hey everyone

I'm working on a new project, I decided to completely remake my old game 'lawn of the dead' with better graphics and new features. one of the most interesting features (in my opinion) is a way of randomizing the zombies by changing the color of their clothes and hair textures when they are added, this results in about 14000 different possible zombies.
here is a link to a gameplay video of a new night time mode which uses some of jpct's lighting features to produce some effects i'm very happy with.
please include any comments or criticisms  you have on this


It's very dark for the most part... ???

yes, this particular level is very dark, it was meant to give more of a horror type vibe to it. most of the other levels will be in the daytime and should be clearer to view. i'll upload a video of one of the daytime levels soon  :)


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