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Shop3D: Customize 3D models and get them 3D printed and shipped to your house :)



First off, I just want to thank  "EgonOlsen" for all his help. Thanks to him, I was able to complete a personal project that i just wanted to. It took me 3 months to do the 95%, and 1 more month to do the last 5%.

The only engine that i could use was JPCT.

Here is the app:
I created some promo stuff as well, like a video and some advertisements.

It allows the user to modify a 3D model using an Android app and simple place an order to 3D print your creation and then get it shipped to your house :)

Comments are welcome.

More Sample pictures:

It crashes with a NumberFormatException on startup on my Nexus5X. I've send you a crash report via Android's default crash dialog.

oh thanks, that happens if your phone is not using U.S. english,


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