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No animations found in collada file!

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Hi, I am trying the sample "ProceduralAnimationSample", it throws the following exception when i use my own .dea file. I want to ask if the animations is necessary? It is because i animate the model programatically, so there is no predefined animations in the model.

--- Code: ---Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ColladaStorage contains no skins.
at raft.jpct.bones.BonesImporter.importCollada(
at bones.samples.ProceduralAnimationSample.initialize(
at bones.samples.AbstractSample.loop(
at bones.samples.ProceduralAnimationSample.main(

--- End code ---


most possibly if there is no animation, skeleton data is not exported. just try to put a dummy animation

Thanks raft. I will try and get back to you.

Also I saw a sample that uses .bone file format, is it faster in terms of loading the model? Is it similar with the serialization object format in jpct-ae? How can I covert my .dae file to .bone?

Does bone support .obj format?

Sorry, too many questions. Thanks.

yes, Bones' binary format should be faster and more important it has no runtime dependency other then Bones and jPCT. remember when loading Collada or Ogre3D format, Ardor3D's or jME's loader / parser is used, then converted to Bones format.

this has nothing to do with .obj format. just a binary representation of Bones animation model.

you can use the scripts in the /scripts folder to convert to Bones' binary format. they should provide help with -help switch


--- Quote ---this has nothing to do with .obj format
--- End quote ---
you means that i can covert .obj to .bone format too?


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