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Large obj file issue > 5mb

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We are using jPCT-AE in our AR application on Android, and are having a problem loading large files. We found that models are not displayed correctly when their size exceeds beyond some point. Image 1 shows a file of 3.9mb. As shown here, it shows weird reflection (large rectangular mark) and shading (small rectangular mark) at some parts.

For the test, we deleted a large amount of faces, so that the size of the model is less than 1mb (image 2). This time, everything left was shown correctly, without any reflection problem. Note that the staircase in image 1 is now shown correctly in image 2.

One solution seems to use serialize the obj files beforehand, but we cannot take this option because end users will just load their large obj files in runtime, so we cannot preprocess obj files. Can you recommend some good way of loading large obj files in runtime? I saw some android obj viewers, which quickly open very large files, so I think it must be possible to do so with jPCT-AE, but I have no idea how to do so.

By the way, thank you for the wonderful library. We really appreciate it.
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No idea...can you provide me with the model so that I can see for myself?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Large Model:
Large Model:

These models are not exported in the same way. While the "small" one seems to have normals in the way you want them to be (i.e. for a kind of flat shading), the large one has smoothed vertex normals similar to what jPCT-AE would calculate by default. I double checked this by loading both models into a viewer and the results were the same.

Oh, and just to be sure: if you are using the normals from the file, make sure to not use this faked flat shading option.


I also want to load a large .obj model(which is about >70mb) . This contains several small models, and merged and exported as a single .obj file. When i load that .obj file , i encountered a memory exception.  How can I able to load large .obj models.?
I tried converting same model to .3ds (which is about >20mb), but when i load that .3ds i can't be able to see anything on the screen.
Considering all these what will be the best solution?

Thanks in Advance.


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