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Raft, I sent you and Egon a screenshot of my Max exporter. My format, which comes out of 3ds max fully JSON-serialized, comes with three types of animation: vertex animation for expressions, skin animation, and a third kind, which is vertex animations in place of skin animations. Now there's two reasons for the third kind: no need for a bone structure should I use the format in other platforms and, more urgently, because although I can import a model whose joints distort it intuitively, I have never been able to play a skin animation either in Bones or in Blender (or, for that matter, in a Java port of Animadead which I made). The only thing I'm exporting, having tried everything else, are the euler angles per joint per animation frame. I'm convinced that that's enough, but I can't get it to work. The weights all appear to be the same as they are in Max. I would like your help in fixing this (there's really no other reasonable way to export skinned models out of Max and into Bones anymore now that OgreMax is dead).

I dont know about 3dsMax internals so I cant help with this. Neither I have time.

you say OgreMax is dead, so what other Ogre guys are using?

It's been dead for well over a year. There's never even been a 3ds max 2016 version (let alone 2017 or 2018). There's an EasyOgreExporter which exports multi-part models as separate models and which has not been updated in a while.

If nobody helps me, I believe that bones will go the way of the dodo. And jpct will not have a viable skeletal structure. I don't say this to be dramatic, it is just a statement of fact.

Just dropped by to point out that even EasyOgreExporter is no longer available (no 2018 version). And, no command line tools to convert from binary to .xml, either, so even the older versions (I'm still running Max 2017, for instance) would be no good.

so, does that mean that Ogre3d is also kind of dead?


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