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Art of Earthify (3D live wallpaper)

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my newest live wallpaper I made using this library! :)
The live wallpaper is actually based on a previous live wallpaper I made but I was not really satisfied with the result there.
I didn't work on this project too much due to studies but when I had some free time I'd be working on this.
Anyhow, I am really satisfied with the outcome of how it is now. :D

Original project:,4784.0.html (I just noticed all these dead links but I blame DropBox for that... ::) )

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:
Screenshot 3:
Screenshot 4:
Screenshot 5:
Screenshot 6:

Download link:

I'd like to thank 'Egon Olsen' as always for the amazing library :)

Feel free to comment :)


This looks good...
Nice Effects

thumbs up :)

But sometimes ,while loading , it shows "not responding"...
my device is a 3rd gen moto g.

Thank you for the positive feedback! :)

About the app not responding things... Is it possible to press 'Report' when the dialog pops up?
So I can know from the Google Play Developer Console where exactly the app hangs because I'm not really experiencing what you have myself with all the devices I got... :/

I hit the report button this time... :)

Thanks a lot!
I guess I solved it for the live clouds (silly mistake really...  ::) haha)

I got another crashreport though (I think from your device)
However, I have nooo idea how to solve this one...  :-\
Though when looking at the stacktrace, it looks like some kind of crash I used to have earlier on my current phone and previous phone...
Which I kind of solved then by having 'Config.blittingMode = 8'...
I added an option in the live wallpaper settings for that mode: Settings -> Renderer -> Blit compatibility mode


--- Code: ---signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR)

  native: pc 0000000000016a3c  /system/lib/ (__memcpy_base+92)
  native: pc 000000000002070d  /system/vendor/lib/ (ioctl_kgsl_sharedmem_write+108)
  native: pc 0000000000096095  /system/vendor/lib/egl/ (rb_vbo_cache_vertex_attrib+348)
  native: pc 0000000000059fc1  /system/vendor/lib/egl/ (cache_vertex_array+566)
  native: pc 000000000005a34d  /system/vendor/lib/egl/ (cache_vertex_elements+792)
  native: pc 000000000005d891  /system/vendor/lib/egl/ (core_glDrawElementsInstancedXXX+332)
  native: pc 000000000005da39  /system/vendor/lib/egl/ (core_glDrawElements+10)
  native: pc 000000000004c55d  /system/vendor/lib/egl/ (glDrawElements+28)
  native: pc 0000000002235c05  /system/framework/arm/boot.oat

--- End code ---


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