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SkeletonDebugger Auto-Scale Feature?


I've been stuck for weeks on what has to be the last stages of my file format. I load the whole thing into bones without a problem, but animating it is something else altogether. When I try to use the SkeletonDebugger, I get an "ERROR: Invalid scale!" message. When I animate it, the center of the object doesn't change but it disappears entirely. No further errors as the animation runs, but no visible object, even with culling set to false.

I can't figure this error out (especially since I can reimport the object back into 3ds max and succesfully play its animations). Would it be possible to add some logic such that SkeletonHelper would automatically rescale this invalid scale?

SkeletonHelper or SkeletonDebugger, which one? ;)

I meant Debugger, but obviously I would take it in Helper. ; )

SkeletonDebugger is nothing but a group of JPCT Pyramid primitives. try to debug it to spot where exactly error happens and with what value, might be when creating the Pyramid


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