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Hi all!
I need to make something like a voxel renderer but don't know how to do it properly with jPCT. (max around 13.000.000 blocks)
When i'm trying to make many cubes (Object3D with 12 Triangles) it makes low fps after ~50 objects.
Next, if i use one object by "mergeAll" - fps is stable ~60 but it takes many time to load (around 3sec for 12.000 blocks)
Load 13.000.000 in libGDX takes around 3sec.
I'm new in jPCT and do not found the same question So, any idea how to optimize this?

I don't think that jPCT is really suitable for implementing a voxel engine. It already is a 3D engine and has no focus on voxels.

OK. Thanks. Maybe you know alternative 3d engines to do that?

No. I think you have to revert to doing your own...


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