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variable shadow bias ?


i think of a situation where a bias set for shadow helper doesn't fit - switching from a large scene to a small scene, etc.
so i wish the bias can be changed.
or i recreate the shadow helper, but will this affect the objects which have been receivers?

Sorry for the late reply. I can add a setter for the bias, if that's still needed.

Hi thanks. i don't need it, for now.
but this is something that an engine user can't(or very difficult to) get around if the situation is met, while at engine level it is easy(technically speaking) to do.
i wish JPCT engine can handle most situations (some problems can be solved by tricks without too much trouble) , but some features would require much effort from you, those are not what i would ask for , such as ortho camera.
if some features can be easily achieved from engine level, then having them would make JPCT engine better - less limitation, wider use.

i have a feeling that JPCT engine was designed and tested mostly for small scene, like indoor scene. while i mostly do open world scene. so i encounter (or fore-see) some situations that are difficult to solve, shadow bias is an example.
but i like JPCT most, and my main hobby project is made with JPCT (mostly physics simulation , with simple graphics)

I'll add it.

--- Quote ---i have a feeling that JPCT engine was designed and tested mostly for small scene, like indoor scene.
--- End quote ---
Not really. Most Android development that I did with it was this: And while not being Skyrim, it's still quite open and worldy.

sorry i can't connect to google server. is it Naroth the RPG game ?
i tested Naroth. in the game the visual range is not large and FOV doesn't change. so in a sense it's like an indoor game.
think of a flight simulation with visual range of 20km and FOV angle range of 1 to 90 degree, the scene in view can be very large(many objects and large terrain area) or very small(need high detail of objects). the 2 extreme situations make things more complicated.
such as shadow mapping, the shadow texture can't be big enough while at the same time detailed enough. so a simple shadow mapping technique doesn't work.
i don't aim for complex graphics, i'm just telling example that some situations are difficult to handle.


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