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Problem with animation model

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I've been playing around with the vertex animation in the models, and I've noticed a non deterministic problem with it as shown below:

and more detailed:

this happens sometimes in the middle of the animation and only for 1 frame, it's a random behaviour, and I can't figur what is causing it. Could it be any kind of synchronization issue between the animation calculation and the rearragement of the vertices? Compatibility isuses? I can't find out what it could be.


Are these grey areas holes? Strange...are you doing the animation calls in a thread different from the rendering thread.

Yeah they are, I thought they could be artifacts but they are just spaces between each other vertices. And no, everything is being processed in the same thread.

Have you or anyone here ever experienced it before? If not, can you give me any kind of idea, based on your experience where to look at or debug this? Mainly because the animation is a black box, and I can't look at it.

Any chance they're texture transparencies and the problem is a UV problem (perhaps caused by your animation)?


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