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child --> parent

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No, a simple getTranslation() gives you the translation of the object itself only. You may either use Object3D.getWorldTransformation() to get the combined translations/rotations applied to a child or use Object3D.getTransformedCenter() to get the position of the child's center in world space. Depending on how you've defined your center, this may be what you need.


I'll try that.


I'm having problem!

I move two objects with method translate()

Here is my prompt output, just to be shure objects get same direction vector
RBG: (-3.0,0.0,0.0)
CONT: (-3.0,0.0,0.0)
TABLE: (0.0,3.0,0.0)
CONT: (0.0,3.0,0.0)

But objects move just the oposite way. And it doesen't matter if i rotate the other object also. (RBG & TABLE are childs in hierarchy)

I have no clue what colud it be

Sorry, 4 all those questions :oops:

Hmm, i don't really understand the problem here!? What is CONT and what do you mean by "opposite way"? Opposite to what? Maybe you can provide me with a test case that demonstrates your problem!?

I'm doing some research on the problem 4 now.

Best regards and by the way I really love your engine, it helped me so much this far.


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