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the problem below took me days to resolve, so i thought it may help others if it's documented in a thread.

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sometimes models arent loaded with 3dsLoader as they look in 3d max. i mean somehow their placement and rotation change when loaded into jPCT.

i first encountered this problem with the commercial village set i use in karga. the producer suggested to use XRef and it effectively solved the problem. this is done by either adding an XRef modifier to each object's stack or by using reset x-form utility in utilities panel (which indeed does the same for all selected objects)

however on some situations XRef doesnt solve the problem. the objects are still misplaced when loaded into jPCT. there seems to be a hidden translation or whatever which XRef doesnt clear, and which in turn confuses the jPCT's loader. here is the solution, it took me days to find it:

create a new object (say a box) and align its center by align tool with our object in question. convert the new object to editable mesh (or poly) and attach our object to it. now go to element sub object level, select new object and delete it. your object has now a brand new transform.

this is the document i found this workaround in:

note: maybe you may wish to add to this thread in time to build a list of helpful 3d max tips. Egon, maybe you may wish to open a new forum category for this purpose

hope this helps

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Good to see that you've finally solved it. Maybe we should make this thread sticky and rename it to something like "3ds max tips" or similar. What do you think?

sure, i'll be glad indeed :)

Done! So if anyone has anything to contribute regarding 3ds (or finds something in the forum that would fit in here): This is the place to post it.

I would like to know. The way you load .3ds object in Is it possible to load .max file in similar way. If so could you help me with some example.


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