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No! Max is a proprietary format for which you have to get a license to be allowed to read/write it. You've to export these files as 3ds or obj to load them

Does anyone know how to get faces to share a UV in max?  For example the back side of a house should have the same texture as the front?  I've seen a bunch of UV Unwraps that show just unique faces in the UV but I'm not sure how to do it.

add an UnwrapUV modifier to the stack. among other properties of modifier there is an edit button which lets you modify UV coordinates precisely

Maybe I wasnt clear in the question.  I'm in the Unwrap already, moving stuff around.  But I finally realized the answer.  If two unwrap faces are the same size and are supposed to share the same texture you just move them on top of each other so they have the same coordinates.  It seems so obvious now jeesh.


Another thing.

on 3d studio MAX, when a texture is applied directly to an object without using UVW maps, then by default it is applied on UV direction, this can be changed from the 3d studio max to be uv, vw, uw. But once this is done, jpct doesnt recognize this parameters, it recognizes when some modifiers of texture coordinates are applied, not the simple way.


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