Author Topic: Keyframe animations from single 3ds file  (Read 2278 times)

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Keyframe animations from single 3ds file
« on: December 01, 2006, 10:21:34 pm »
I know this is not supported by default.
And I am not trying to force someone to implement it for me,
because people have better things to do.
My "preference" in an ideal world, is as follows...

One 3ds file for each state of my model(walk,attack,sit,etc).
Inside the 3ds file, are keyframes for the animation.

So, the walk.3ds file, has the animation for walking in.

I know you do not support this, so I have the following...

Once 3ds file for each keyframe of animation of each state.
At run time, i load all of these keyframes into an animation, and then into
a separate sequence, so all animations are in one Object3D.

It seems fair enough. Its not a huge inconvienience, provided I CAN export each keyframe as a separate 3ds file. Im using blender.

Does anyone have a better way of evading this issue?
If not, it is no big deal, but I thought it worth asking.

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Keyframe animations from single 3ds file
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2006, 08:39:50 pm »
I hope that I understand that entirely, but anyway, I think that it is easier to work with MD2s because that file format can support a numerous amount of animations within one file. I am currently using misfit3d to create MD2s... I make my mesh in 3D Studio/Rhino3D and import the mesh and textures to misfit for boning and animations...

But anyway, if you search around this forum, you would find that someone asked same question as you did... I mentioned that only because I know that there was code lying around the forum to do the task that you wanted to do in your ideal world, which was to import keyframes onto their object.