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Hi Helge!

Is it possible to get more example source files? Post them to here please. Or anybody else...


Hi Olli,

i'm planning to do more examples in the future, each one targeted at a specific topic (like one example showing how to use MD2-files and animation, one for showing how to do your own texture-effects, one for blitting, how to write your own file-loader and so on...). But i'm kinda busy at the moment, so it may take some time for me to write them...
What topic are interested in the most?

Update: I think that 0.81 will come with an additional example showing how to build your own objects without using a loader and a very basic example of a terrain. Albeit jPCT is as much of a terrain engine as Quake is (not at all!  :lol: ), it should be possible to do some basic terrain stuff with it and i think that i'm going to put this into the example.
Anyway, i still can't say when 0.81 will be finished.

Edit: The example will look like this:

I can't wait, good job!

0.81 is out and the so called terrain example is included. Have fun with it.


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