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Title: Feedback on proposed Level Format
Post by: Dan MacDonald on December 19, 2004, 08:27:39 am
I'm trying to make an implementation decision about how best to create content for the game I am making. I would like the "terrain" in the level to have the following format. I could just build the levels in a modeling program and export them as a 3ds. However I think the nature of 3ds is that I would have too many options and create uneven terrain.  I would also like to place trees and shurbs on this terrain.


The game it self is intended to run in an applet to I'm trying to keep resources small and downloads fast. I'm thinking that it may be better to create a terrain editor with jpct and save off the terrain into the XML format that jpct supports. I believe I saw a toXML() method on the world object.  Then I could export tree/shrub locations in a separate file as a series of x,y coordinates.  Trees/shrubs could be placed on the terrain when it is loaded.

Since there will be a number of levels, I want to keep the content creation   pipeline as efficient as possible. My question is two fold, is the solution I suggested (creating an editor and using the XML format) legitimate? (is there a better way?). Secondly, is an editor even beneficial? or would I be better off just using a 3d modeler and exporting everything?
Title: Why not
Post by: rolz on December 20, 2004, 11:00:29 am
It seems to me that tiled applet game should follow MVC rules. JPCT is very functional if used properly - for displaying game graphics. Mixing game model with presentation framework will reduce maintanability.

there were 2 general ideas i found useful when started building own game:

- build lightweight game model. (I started with 2D tiled model and moving towards true 3d, yet minimalistic, simple and understandable)

- build presentation layer on top of JPCT 3D framework that will separate your model from the view.

What you get is clear, mainatainable game model and a layer that will handle 3D.

Here is the example of mentioned approach
Title: Feedback on proposed Level Format
Post by: Dan MacDonald on December 22, 2004, 12:09:51 pm
Thanks for the feedback rolz. I decided to make a basic terrain editor with jpct as well. So far so good, when I have something the player can walk around on I may announce my project :D