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Title: ArCore integration
Post by: ghosalmartin on December 06, 2017, 04:54:44 pm
Fixed by also I had code to orient to the landscape but upside down   temp.rotateX((-1 * Math.PI).toFloat()) removing that helped

Also to get the "walking" working I just attached the TZ from pose to the camera Z position maybe multiplied by like 100

Code: [Select]
            // Get camera matrix and draw.
            val viewmtx = FloatArray(16)
            frame.getViewMatrix(viewmtx, 0)

            val matrix = Matrix()
            matrix.dump = viewmtx

So now am getting the camera information here

 // Get camera matrix and draw.
val viewmtx = FloatArray(16)
frame.pose.toMatrix(viewmtx, 0)

val matrix = Matrix()
matrix.dump = viewmtx
cam!!.back = matrix

But then the camera randomly left and right when I cross a certain location, SimpleVector.ORIGIN I think and not quite sure why[/s]

Yet another edit:

Fixed my issue doing what this guy did in the 2nd post


This forums thought of everything :D

I have a mask which is a sphere, and inside in the sphere another set of models which is the world, and the inner models is slightly popping out of the mask to give the effect of a portal, and the camera is in the background. but how can I make the mask transparent or give that effect, but also have it enclose the model inside it.

Since I can add transparency to the mask but that reveals the object inside. or am I asking for something not possible

Think am trying to do what this guy tried to do:


ignore the below since it seems am being a bit of an idiot :P

So am trying to map a texture to my texture manager and following this topic


But it won't display that texture but another texture from the texture manager. The textureid am using is from here https://github.com/google-ar/arcore-android-sdk/blob/master/samples/java_arcore_hello_ar/app/src/main/java/com/google/ar/core/examples/java/helloar/rendering/BackgroundRenderer.java#L71

What am I missing? Since the camera renders fine as the background, but I need it to render as a texture to an object.

Big fan of the engine btw :D