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 yep! I just  want to change parts of the texturing , not to change the complete texture! for example , the mouth of the rabbit or the head of the rabbit  when playing  animation at different  frame ! does it can be work ??

Hi ! I come back !  I cant resolve the problem ! I cant  let it work fine ! then  I have try 2 suggestion what your gave me! But , it looks some trouble . First , I use method  setTextureMatrix(mat) ,I dont know  how to get  the  Matrix  value ? where does the value come from? How do I calculate the value, if I should know accurate coordination of UV coords? My artist just gave me a model and a texture image ,but coordination .  in addition , I dont know which animation frame and when need change matrix . because  of no animation sequence  info from my artist !
here is my demo resource , a compress  file contain  a  video showing the animation and  an Android APK file  of my demo project , at last , an image file UV texture . could you help me , take you a few minutes  to see . maybe  U can understand what I said! note the video , there is a rabbit winking ,  the eyes of the rabbit should show different image ,a star when winking ! but my apk cant do that!
           Thank you !
           by Fooyou

Thank you for reply! EgonOlsen! I will have  a try!

Hi ! EgonOlsen! and everyone ! I have question to consult !  I want to know if JPCT support dynamic textures? for example .
I get  a model ,rabbit with skin a animation made by 3ds Max tool !  and it was mapped a texture ,a image. especially, when playing  the animation . it needs change  texture UV ,in other words !a same part of an Objcet3D (not all Object3D), at different time ,it should have different texture.  just like a people undress a clothes and show the inside clothes.


Support / Re: how dose the method : Camera.setPosition() work
« on: June 24, 2013, 03:39:56 am »
thank you for  reply  !EgonOlsen! I will test again!

Support / how dose the method : Camera.setPosition() work
« on: June 20, 2013, 03:34:04 am »
Hello ! everyone ! I have a question to consult U. I dont know how dose the method : Camera.setPosition() work .
could U tell me the work principium of the this method . Is the position according to origin in the  world space .or is it pile up ? if I call the   Camera.setPosition()  with a different vector coordinate  second times  or more . help !thanks!

thks for raft‘s reply !I ask my artist to check the model file if there any other mesh ,he told me "no , there are 2 mesh only".He also dont know what happen about that.
at the moment ,I notice a funny phenomenon : if I click menu "export  all" when exporting , then it will be added 3rd mesh .  but if I click menu "export selection " and I just select the model polygon,after exporting , it dont have the 3rd mesh ,just 2 mesh ,it looks like normal . but anther issue happened , the skeleton file dont contain "animations" tag ,It cant convert to bones file too , I have added skin anim  before exporting under the "Objcet settings" in OgreMax plugin .

what on earth is that??  I have tried all kinds of setting in plugin ,It still cant  work yet .

  the problems when exporting models from maya with ogreMax
Hi,raft . I  need U help !I'm a newer  for JPCT and bones.  first of all, my artist make a 3D model "rabit"  by Maya ,and they give me a *.mb file  ,then I export it  by OgreMax plugin ,  and  i take setting  in plugin like this , the capture pic following :

1. scene setting :   
2. object setting :

and next , I select "export all " under  file menu , then  i can get a *.mesh.xml file and a *.skeleton.xml file  ,the issue is that ,
in my *.mesh.xml ,it is added a another submesh  tag   like  <submesh material="NoMaterial"  at  submeshs
the pic following . note the  submeshs tag

but in my model , it just have two submesh ,How does the third tag  "NoMaterial" be created ?  all of them lead a problem ,yet  I conver the mesh.xml file to bones file  by the jMEimport bat file  ,and  it success . so next ,i load the *.bones file in my project demo on the Android Phone it susscefull ,but the view on phone screen is so strange , 

the screen capture pic following :

there a lot of unknow polygons. i dont know how they were created .in my model ,just have a rabit only ! so I the think the problem is caused by  the  redundant   and useless submesh tag <submesh material="NoMaterial" usesharedvertices="false" use32bitindexes="false" operationtype="line_list">

I use res from the demo ,"ninja " model ,It works fine. why not in my own model??

     Now ,i dont know how does tag be created when exporting ! could you give me some  advcices? or give me example a *.mb file working nomarl ??
    is there anything else settings need to be noted in plugin?? or when artist 3D models manufacture! ?? any other requirements??   
    is there anything else info about my projcet should provide to U. please tell me .if possible  ,i will take them .
    I m waitting for the answer online  all the time .
    thks raft
    by Fooyou  , my  Email:

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