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Support / Collada loading and Collada2Bones script
« on: March 07, 2011, 12:00:30 pm »

I'm trying to load an animate mesh from a collada file (created by exporting a .blend using blender).
I tryed two ways :
- using to collada2Bones script. but it failed saying

ttkm@ttkm-Laptop:~/Bureau/Bones/scripts$ sudo ./ -in monsters.dae -out duck
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to load collada resource from URL: URLResourceSource
   at com.ardor3d.extension.model.collada.jdom.ColladaImporter.load(
   at com.ardor3d.extension.model.collada.jdom.ColladaImporter.load(
   at raft.jpct.bones.util.ArdorColladaImporter.loadGroup(
   at raft.jpct.bones.util.ArdorColladaImporter.loadGroup(
   at raft.jpct.bones.util.ArdorColladaImporter.main(
Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 27
   at com.ardor3d.extension.animation.skeletal.SkinnedMesh.applyPose(
   at com.ardor3d.extension.model.collada.jdom.ColladaAnimUtils.buildSkinMeshes(
   at com.ardor3d.extension.model.collada.jdom.ColladaAnimUtils.buildController(
   at com.ardor3d.extension.model.collada.jdom.ColladaNodeUtils.getVisualScene(
   at com.ardor3d.extension.model.collada.jdom.ColladaImporter.load(
   ... 5 more

- importing the Collada file in my code by using ColladaImporter class.
but it failed saying it can't locate the resource (whatever I try).

The good way seems to be passing by the script.

Did anyone can help me please ?

PS : my .blend is composed of 1 mesh, 1 skeleton, 3 anims.
PPS : sorry for my poor english :)

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