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Support / Object rotation vs. world axes
« on: February 29, 2012, 05:24:57 pm »

I have an airplane in the world which is moved/rotated along its axes. In one point I need to know its "world"  position. Angles beween the airplane axis (planes/surfaces) and the world represented by the terrain. Or better say - the absolute angles in the world. The question is related with the airplane flying model. My model is very simple - just rotates airplane around x (bank) and y (climb/desc.). The behaviour of the real airplane is the same so the azimut or direction is changed accordingly. But I would like to know the easiest way how to find the absolute angles (to be able to detect - should I land or crash :-)
(I'm talking about jpct-AE)

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Support / Fixed object in front of camera
« on: November 21, 2011, 05:00:52 pm »
I'm playing with jPCT-AE instead of playing real games :-)  I'm getting familiar with jPCT-AE by creating a simple fly simulator. I have created a terrain, I'm able to load a biplane, animate it and control the plane by sensors or by touch screen. I'm able to add buttons and other controlling features to the scene by blitting images.
And I would like to add a cockpit panel to the screen. I have a camera, its position and direction and I need an object (e.g. textured sphere) which will be added to the one fixed position. I can move arround my world, follow my plane but the object - actually the artifical horint (AF) should be fxed in one point in my view. I am faling to do that. My AF is always moving with my plane across the screen. I also wanted to test to create a new frame bufffer  with world with cockpit and render  it to texture - then blit it - but to have two different fb failed also. I feel that the solution can be simple and obvious. Any suggestions?

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