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Got a problem - created a poly (two triangles), used grass texture (transparent png) for it. When rotating camera up/down, black line sometimes appears at the top of "grass" poly. See
 Is it a result of inproper texture mapping (maybe line is actually bottom row of grass texture?) or smth other.
Size of texture is 512*128, size of poly is 4*1.
How to make texture to fit this poly properly?

Support / Making explosion/animated sprite
« on: June 22, 2012, 08:47:18 am »
Hi guys,
I need to create explosion effect, AFAIK it's made with animated sprite. Please tell, how this can be done with JPCT.
Found this topic:,1406.0.html

but unable to get sources linked from it.

Support / How to re-use precompiled data for newly created objects?
« on: June 15, 2012, 12:33:52 pm »
Good day.
In my app I need to create projectile objects several times on user input. If I create new Object3d every time, it causes terrible lag like
Object 3/shell1 compiled to 1 subobjects in 936ms!
Tried to precrerate one object and use it's compiled data:

Code: [Select]
Object3D precompiledObject = PrecompiledObjectManager.getInstance().getPrecompiledObject(ID);
Object3D object = new Object3D(precompiledObject);

But it crashes throwing " ERROR: Can't share data from different meshes!"

Can't find samples for this, please tell how it should be done.

Hi Guys.
I'm trying to wite simple shooting game using jpct-AE. Thought about making view/aim control with the accelerometer, by rotating camera to some angle after turning the device around some (x or y) axis, like it's done in some racing games.

But I can't get a logics of accelerometer values and camera rotation angles, looking right-left works OK (used cam.rotateCameraY), but trying to add up-down looking using rotateCameraX goofs camera navigation, camera begins to rotate strangely.

Can you please give a link for some sample code for such navigation or explain how to do that.
Best regards, D.A.

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