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Support / New here...
« on: December 13, 2006, 01:41:33 pm »
Hi. I was just browsing through Google when I noticed this site. I got interested in Java creation so I downloaded NetBeans and jPCT. I executed some of the examples, such as the FPS and the car, but I'm really new with all these things. I'm excellent in PHP, HTML, and Photoshop, but some of the things used on this forum baffle me, like 3D Studio Max, etc. I'm really new and I wanted to start learning and working with Java, but there aren't enough previously covered topics in the forums.

Ok so I begin. I open NetBeans for the first time, and what do I do? I tried making a new project and then moving all of the files in the cars example folder, but when I did "Run project" it was no good.

If someone can please work with me step by step, I'd really appreciate it. I'm very interested in learning this (I keep repeating lol) so PLEASE help me :)

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