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Projects / Flight Physics
« on: May 11, 2013, 11:48:40 pm »
This application simulates a flight of Cessna 172. For this application I used JPCT library. Creating this application was a part of my bachelor thesis.

The goals of my thesis were:
 - to make a flight physics library,
 - to make an application that will be using this library for Cessna 172 flight simulation.

The work was not focused on graphics, but was primarily focused on the physics.

Here is the short abstract of my work:
The work describes the basic aerodynamical relationships and the way how they are used in the physics model library simulating a real flight of an aircraft. The implementation of the library in Java language is the other part of the work. The work also describes a way how to use the library and demonstrates its functionality by an application example that simulates a flight of Cessna 172.

Here are some screens of an application that simulates a flight of Cessna 172 and uses the physics library:

Executable JAR of the application for windows is attached here:
1280 x 800:
1024 x 768:

And here the flight physics library itself:

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