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Support / Textures merging/overlaying
« on: March 15, 2017, 09:18:09 pm »
Hello everyone!

F. E. we have a 3d mesh of cilinder. We can zoome it, move it, rotate it, etc. The mesh has some texture applied.
Then we are having a 2D image (as plane f.e) that's possible to zoome it, move it, rotate it, etc separate from cilinder.

My question: is it possible to apply (map?) 2D image on the cilinder mesh, on certain place, so it'll take a mesh's shape and will not loose proportions?
So it kinda becomes a part of cilinder's texture. Do we have any example (or at least direction to move) how to do it with jpct-ae?

Sorry for such a noob's example, I'm not sure how this process properly called :)
Thank you!

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