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Support / Viable engine?
« on: May 02, 2012, 05:04:46 pm »
Hey there. I'm an Android developer working at a social media company in Denmark.
We recently started a project for a big customer, which requires us to show a high-poly model to the users.
So far we've tried using JMonkeyEngine, but it's performance is not nearly good enough.

We have a very detailed 3D model of a car, consisting of over 100k vertices.
Its using shaders for coloring and for the windows.

Our main problem is the memory limitations of Android devices, with most of them running out of memory trying to load the model.
I had a go at your engine, and noticed improved loading times compared to JME, but some old (and new) devices would still run out of memory during the loading.

One of your demo apps in the play store (terrain benchmark) had a vertex count of over 100k, and loaded in no time at all.
I presume its using your DeSerializer, which I've tried using, but saving the serialized object using the desktop library is using a newer version of the format, which makes it impossible to load it with the Android library.

So, my question is. Do you think your engine will be usable in regards to loading/showing a high-poly model with shaders?

Best regards, Adam Honoré

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