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Projects / FutureRP
« on: December 12, 2006, 08:48:18 pm »
Hello everyone, I just thought i'd start making updates here,
now that I have some screenshots.
The tiles im using are borrowed, but I have some professional tiles being
drawn for me over the next few weeks:)

I am having trouble with smoothly ascending stairs in isometric,
I am having trouble with swapping clothing/weapons on 3d models.

If ANYONE has ANY information on this, I will quickly become your best friend.
My deadline for a public beta test, with these two issues fixed, is the 25th of this month:).

Support / 2D Isometric Maps With 3D Models...
« on: December 12, 2006, 08:40:52 pm »
Hello everyone! I have managed to achieve this quite well....

My problem is, Im not sure how it would scale in terms of speed.

Please, please do me the huge favour of reading this through. My deadline is christmas, and its drawing dangerously near:O

I currently have all tiles and objects(including npcs) in zordered linked list.
I draw the full list, including the models in the right order.

Unfortunately, I cant really cache the 3d models when its their turn to be rendered. It uses way too much memory. So, I must render them each time they are needed.

I have implemented a "dirty rectangles" system, so only the objects(tiles/npcs/etc) that intersect a dirty rectangle will be redrawn.

Here are the steps in order...IGNORING DIRTY RECTS:)

-Iterate through map objects, painting each at the right location...
-If its a tile, then paint a tile...
-If its an avatar(npc/player), then render model to 200x200 framebuffer,
with a MAGENTA background. Create new image with MAGENTA set to TRANSPARENT. Paint onto main backbuffer.

Now, that works. It really does. The problem is it seems like a lot of trouble. Is there any ways I can improve this?

Is faster/possible to make the map into some kind of 3d object itself, dynamically?
Is it possible to set the framebuffer jpct renders onto transparent, to cut out an extra step?

Also, how on earth could I have several different avatars?
I would think a separate world for each model would work perfectly,
but is it too memory intensive?

Thank you in advance for this!

BTW: My FPS is ~80 when im not painting anything new, but drops to
~30 when im in fullscreenmode, and moving my character.
In window mode, im lucky if i get 18, and its only ONE character:(.

Support / Keyframe animations from single 3ds file
« on: December 01, 2006, 10:21:34 pm »
I know this is not supported by default.
And I am not trying to force someone to implement it for me,
because people have better things to do.
My "preference" in an ideal world, is as follows...

One 3ds file for each state of my model(walk,attack,sit,etc).
Inside the 3ds file, are keyframes for the animation.

So, the walk.3ds file, has the animation for walking in.

I know you do not support this, so I have the following...

Once 3ds file for each keyframe of animation of each state.
At run time, i load all of these keyframes into an animation, and then into
a separate sequence, so all animations are in one Object3D.

It seems fair enough. Its not a huge inconvienience, provided I CAN export each keyframe as a separate 3ds file. Im using blender.

Does anyone have a better way of evading this issue?
If not, it is no big deal, but I thought it worth asking.

Thanks again.

Feedback / subBlack
« on: November 23, 2006, 09:53:25 pm »
Hey Egon, do you like darker themes?

Because subBlack is very nice:) Its nothing thats needed.
I just think your logo would look so good in it!

Support / Adding clothing, weapons, shields to 3d model.
« on: November 22, 2006, 02:30:39 am »
Hello, i am in big trouble if i dont come up with a trick to do this!
Could someone give me any ideas?

In the 2d sprites, i simply superimposed them on in the paint function.

In 3d however, im stumped. I need a way to change hair, guns, boots, etc
on a generic 3d model i made.

If you help me, I will be your best friend.
It just occured to me that this would need to be done too, if i were
to move to 3d sprites!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Really, any ideas are great!
I prefer ONLY vertex colouring. No texturemapping if possible.

I know i can change colours of vertexes to give effect of clothing,
but things such as hoods, capes, etc, would not work like that.

Support / Isometric camera angle, and single sided polygon help:)
« on: November 21, 2006, 12:41:19 pm »
Hello! This is the first post ive made here:)

I have a project, in which I have a 2d isometric map,
and 3d models walking around.

I have managed to get it working!

My issue is that I cant find a decent isometric camera angle.

Another problem im having is: I am drawing in blender, and exporting
to 3DS format. If I open the 3DS file in blender, or openfx, etc,
it works properly. However, when I render it with jpct, I get a strange effect.

I looks as if the polygons are single sided. They have a colour from one angle, and not from the other.
This is fair enough, but my 3d model  has invisible pieces!
Then when you rotate it, the back of the model has the same problem,
except the faces that are invisible are the ones that were visible on the other angle!

I hope that makes sense:)

Can anyone give me a decent isometric angle, and an answer to my
single sided polygon issue?:)

Thanks again.

PS. This 3D engine is fantastic. I am going to plug it extensively on my websites if i get this sorted. It is nice that most people appear to be doing this anyway.

EDIT: Ive discovered a flag in blender to export doublesided:
Just incase another has this issue.
Details the use of CTRL+N in blender to make all faces "face" properly!

I hope that helps

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