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Support / Loader.loadOBJ is too slow
« on: April 21, 2016, 03:19:24 pm »

I am writing application that use vuforia and jpct.
I download this sample

I try to replace default cylinder object by my own .obj model, but loading of model is very slow.
For example I have model that has 0.75MB and loading takes about 45s.
Line in code that is too slow is: Object3D[] model = Loader.loadOBJ(streamObj, streamMtl, scale);
Loader is default jpct class.

After model is load everything is guick and perfect.

I try different model and different phones, but this line everytime takes 45s minimal.

My model is in assets folder in application.

Is there any way to shorten loading of .obj?

Thanks for reply.

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