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Yes exactly!
At least this is what should happen according to my understanding... in theory,
So Yes I need to know jpct ae steps to execute the same idea .
Is this realizable this way ?
If you have some alternate feasible / better way, please suggest. :)

Cause I would be then using this idea further for Post processing blur , So i guess I would have to do a third pass as well, for combining the blurred bright texture with the normal rendered image texture...

Yes ... this code is not correct :(
there is something missing ...
But that's what my question is .... How to set this relation between target1 and target2 .
What is happening actually is , the target1 is having the vertical blurring . Now  this target1 texture has to be fed to the input of second pass....
So that the already vertically blurred image can be processed again with horizontal blur . You mentioned that this can be achieved with 2 render targets .So for now  I have created 2 render Targets... but then I was blank....I am not sure how to do this part in jpct ae.

Support / Re: Could not link shader program error
« on: May 01, 2017, 08:41:19 am »
Hi Aeroshark,
    If you are using android studio , then this might help you...
It has a GPU monitor ... so you can give it a shot.
You can also enable GPU trace logs from your phone's developer options, if it is there...

apart from that I also found this ->

But this tool is W.I.P at the moment .

Support / Re: What does the abbreviation jpct stand for?
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:23:07 pm »

I was curious too...
But then I found this sticky topic in desktop jpct forum..,1949.0.html
It also has some good explanation...
"Java perspective correct textumapping"
What it is...

   I tried something like this->
Code: [Select]

fb.clear(new RGBColor(123, 223, 237));

fb.clear(new RGBColor(123, 223, 237));

fb.blit(target2, 0, 0, 0, fb.getHeight(), target1.getWidth(), target1.getHeight() , fb.getWidth(), -fb.getHeight(), -1, false);

But this only shows me the output of second pass , ignoring the first one .
Am i missing something or do I have to remove something ?

Hi Egon....I was able to track it. I noticed that I had out of memory exception due to a misplaced "rendertotarget" without ever removing it.....I deleted that and it is working fine now... :P
So my question was - how to actually exclude the gui elements, (like the fps counter here)

     One more thing I have noticed recently that if I allow the App to be opened for about ~ 70 sec -90 sec ,
the device crashes... 
But if I comment out "framebuffer.setRenderTarget()" and  "framebuffer.removeRenderTarget()"  ...  then it seemingly works fine....
Something is heavily wrong with the way I am doing my Post Processing...(especially while handling the framebuffer) . :(

     I am trying to experiment with MultiPass Rendering with jpct ae . I was trying to do 2 pass Gaussian blur . I was able to get individual blurs Successfully , i.e horizontal and vertical blurs individually . But what I want is ->
1) Render the "Bright" part to a texture.
1) the output from the 1st step should undergo horizontal blurring .
2) the output from the 2nd step should undergo vertical blurring
3) The output from the 3rd step would be blended in some way with the original rendered image for the post processing bloom effect .

   So how do we do multipass rendering in jpct ae ? And pass the result from one render phase to the other for further processing? Also I have to composite the processed Bloom with the final image .
I just know the theory for now..... a pointer to actual implementation would help a lot .  :)
Thanks in advance. :)

Hi I am Sonic Burst...
Thank you for the link  . I got a good hint from it. :)
here is the result , It is the Blender Suzanne model with a custom shader for cel shading and Sobel filter applied on to the rendered/blitted texture.



It really came out quite well...performance was also good  :)
There were some issues though->
1) Don't know why there is some artifacts on the right half side of the image as you can see.
2) Also this is a modified hello shader example  So you can see the blurred fps counter on top left. It was processed as well .So how would I Exclude it from the post processing . Else it would consume the GUI too.
    Unfortunately I was not able to access my account :(  So I had to create a new one . I forgot my password and when I used forgot password option , then while renewing the password , it gave me "Invalid activation Code " Error.

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