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Support / Re: Not able load md2 file with size 358 KB
« on: September 15, 2010, 03:55:52 pm »

        I serialized the model and it came around 1.9MB . The engine is not showing any memory exception but i am not able to see any rendering and its just a black screen

Following are my rendering logs:

09-15 03:53:21.985: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): Adding Lightsource: 0
09-15 03:53:22.005: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): OpenGL vendor:     Android
09-15 03:53:22.005: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): OpenGL renderer:   Android PixelFlinger 1.0
09-15 03:53:22.005: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): OpenGL version:    OpenGL ES-CM 1.0
09-15 03:53:22.005: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): OpenGL renderer initialized (using 2 texture stages)
09-15 03:53:22.885: DEBUG/dalvikvm(2261): GC freed 17789 objects / 776040 bytes in 110ms
09-15 03:53:23.095: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): Remapping 1618 vertex indices!
09-15 03:53:23.095: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): Creating vertex cache (38832 bytes)!
09-15 03:53:23.105: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): Vertex indices will be mapped!
09-15 03:53:23.105: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): Subobject of object 0/rock compiled to indexed fixed point data using 7218 vertices in 849ms!
09-15 03:53:23.105: INFO/jPCT-AE(2261): Object 0/rock compiled to 1 subobjects in 1094ms!

Support / Not able load md2 file with size 358 KB
« on: September 15, 2010, 02:52:14 pm »

          I tried to load a md2 file with size 358 kb but its going out of memory.

Is there any max limit for the jPCT engine for rendering md2 files??

Can anyone provide any reference for loading and rendering a md2 file as i followed the same process of using Loader.loadMD2 but its going out of memory?

Please help

Support / OBJ file and animation implementation
« on: August 30, 2010, 09:45:41 am »

          I have an obj file and i am looking for implementing animation without using a set of obj, like using bones, skeleton information as in Ninja project.

 I am looking for a suggestion to proceed.

I am in urgent need of help so that i can start thinking in that direction.

Please Help

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