Author Topic: tip on using the fps demo  (Read 5025 times)

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tip on using the fps demo
« on: December 19, 2003, 11:41:17 pm »
If, like me, you're experimenting with the excellent 'fps' demo bundled with the API, and you're using 3dsMAX for modelling, you might find this useful.

I was trying to modify the main .3ds map file using an ancient copy of MAX (v3.1 I think), but I discovered that if I imported the file then immediately re-exported it again, all the textures vanished and I was left with a load of blank white models in the demo.

It turned out that when 3dsMAX exports .3ds files, the embedded .jpg filenames get converted to uppercase, so the demo no longer recognises them.

To get around this, change the following line in as follows:

From this:

texMan.addTexture(name , new Texture("textures"+File.separator+name));

to this:

texMan.addTexture(name.toUpperCase() , new Texture("textures"+File.separator+name));

Recompile it, and you can now mod the .3ds map using 3dsMAX and see the result immediately in the demo.