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Re: DevKit / Level Editor
« Reply #30 on: November 15, 2011, 07:49:21 am »
I finally got around to downloading the Spark editor, and it's amazing!!  I'm starting to realize how hard it is to get the little bugs out that make things look funny sometimes, but there is so much I was able to do just after playing with it for an hour. 

First map, made a room, figured out lights and props, how to move, resize and rotate stuff.. then I built a long very dark corridor and then placed a very tall square room at the end which I then tried to build in a slightly more artistic fashion.

Does anyone know if it's possible to turn off the wireframes of the lights temporarily?  They really break the mood of every scene I try to create.
I'd love to see anything anyone has come up with playing around on their own.  The *.level files are small enough that they're easy to share via email, etc.