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Version 1.06 pre-release
« on: April 19, 2005, 09:12:17 pm »
Time for preview release of jPCT 1.06. The reason why this isn't an official release is, that it adds support for LWJGL's new AWTGLCanvas. This required a new implementation of IRenderer which differs significantly from the current OpenGL renderer (which is still included of course) and which isn't tested or optimized very much...
Anyway, here are the changes:

Fixed two bugs in the ray-polygon collision detection. Removed some obviously dead code from ellipsoid collsion detection. Changed the constant NO_OBJECT in Object3D from -1 to -100 to get rid of a potential problem with ray-polygon collision detection. You'll have to recompile your code if you are using this constant. Made rotateMesh() and translateMesh() to affect an attached keyframe animation too. Moved some (non-public) methods from Object3D to Mesh (where they actually belong). Fixed a small bug that prevented the OpenGL renderer from recognizing that it has to set RGB scaling when using multiple Worlds with different scalings. Reworked some parts of the SoftGLRenderer slightly to improve performance in some situations. Fixed a bug with billboarded objects: Scaling wasn't applied to such objects. Fixed a flaw in optimizeBufferAccess(). Added support for LWJGL's new AWTGLCanvas by adding a new IRenderer, the AWTGLRenderer.

And here's the link: *removed*

If you want to try the Canvas support, have a look at FrameBuffer.enableGLCanvasRenderer(<int>);

Edit: uploaded a slightly modified preview release (2005-05-03)