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static shadows,materials,other
« on: April 06, 2012, 03:23:00 pm »
there are many basic features i would like to ask if the jpct ae can do,so i ll ask first for static stadows and destructible objects .

destructible object simple like removing a barrel and right then making a mesh explosion of planks (simpler)
and more fancy like,a rock that is cracked,made of say-5-6 meshes of fragments and bursts via script,physics stuff that must be,,,

if suppose i find a scripter to help,he makes script to use physics and do the explosion,can it become easy enough like a prefab so i can add it to levels myself,after all i would like to be the main developer and not just able to work as artist that does nt know what the programmer is doing in the editor with all the characters and  environment models i did.

Is there a way to get some static shadows calculated by the editor...i saw in the level editor feature list something about render to texture.
is this function suitable for having pre calculated baked shadows ,easy without big performance hit yo think or not..
Another thing i don't know if you can tile a diffuse and gray bump or normal bump x10 or whatever
on a mesh like the north part of a dungeon much like a material layer would be done with terrain.

 dont see other way to optimize the textures and still have detail and variation.

I was searching for free android game engine (because a ipad or android game could require much less graphics work instead of the pc)  and came by here...I was about to start watching all the video tutorials i had dowloaded for udk and found out last moment that the ios udk development costs 99 per year,which i can not much for udk ,cancelled it for now.

will the editor get updates you think,i m used to more automated stuff out of the box like the cryengine (don't want to compare even accidentally with such a big engine) and i could use some pre made systems from an easy to use drop down list.
if i ask too much,tell me,i imagine you can't develop an engine for long without getting paid.

and i d like you to know i do not have android,never seen one from clese,dont even use mobile phone,and know even less about the subject so
i d like to ask how in that game the icons can fit  be so small in a tiny screen without pressing all 4-5 buttons with same finger.
is that game meant for  bigger android tablets?

Avadon: The Black Fortress
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Re: static shadows,materials,other
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2012, 10:29:54 pm »
Well, jPCT as well as jPCT-AE are 3D engines. Albeit they are somehow gaming oriented, they aren't game engines. You can do all the stuff that were asking for, but you have to code it yourself or use some external 3d editor to do it.